The Communist Party

Communism: Good or Bad?

History shows it's not such a good thing

History shows it's not such a good thing, so why do folk still think it is?

One for all and all for one?

No, all for the masters and not a lot for the slaves.

Give me freedom...not Communism, Fascism, Marxism or any other ...ism.

Stalin had millions murdered

One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.

So said Stalin.

Enough to convince you that Communism is a good idea?

Sounds rather nasty to me - actually, sounds really nasty.

Why did the people vote for him? Oops, they didn't.


The Labour Party - nice smiles but turning into control freaks like Commies...

What's the difference between Communism and a Fascist Labour Police State? I give up, what is the difference between Communism and a Fascist Labour Police State?

There are lots of interesting sites, so why waste any more time with Communism now I've reminded you how nasty it is.

Try these sites 

  • Flags for your patriotic needs (even USSR ones for burning)
  • British Communist Party for peace and equality (ROFLOL) I said no more Communism, but this is comedy.

Chinese Communism Today

Mao Zedong also had millions killed, but today in China, the Commies are much friendlier.

They have a one-child policy with forced abortions and sterilisations.

Religious persecution.

Bodies of executed prisoners have their organs harvested for transplants (Commie Party members who need a new organ might just want to have a nice young healthy person charged with a crime he didn't commit to get a nice new liver. I'm almost sure that doesn't happen, ahem).

News Update

Important news update...... Communism is very bad, just like most other forms of government, but it's pretty nasty.